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  • When you first see Winery, one of the wine bars in Sydney, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking someone went and raided the set of Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland, throwing in a tangle of stag heads, animal hide, hanging ferns and walls of bright green foliage for good measure. The design of this bar deserves some kind of a gong for its bold, brash and showy sense of style. The same can be said of the staff and the crowd, an eclectic, trendy bunch of Surry Hills locals and wine nerds. It doesn't take a brain of epic proportions to work out wine is the focus here, with more than 50 variations available. Like its sister venue Gazebo, Winery divides its plonk into tongue-in-cheek categories like 'slurpable' and 'unpronounceable', though don't be fooled - the place has some remarkable drops, including 1995 Grange, available by the glass for $79. Unless you're really hungry, skip the average mains for sharing plates, and settle in for a frolicsome evening. There's plenty of space over the three split-levels, but the place to be during summer is the tables and chairs outside on the paved street level - jug of Pimms at-the-ready! Sadly, the stiffs at Sydney City Council have regulated this space, meaning you will be herded indoors after 6pm to appease Winery's narky neighbours.

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