• Gazebo Wine Garden

    Wine Bar
  • Gazebo has a great attitude towards wine - drinking in Sydney has never been more fun. Though there's a temperature-controlled enomatic wine system and the place is staffed by some of Sydney's finest sommeliers, the menu itself is tongue-in-cheek, categorised by 'pink bits', 'unpronounceable' or 'slurpables'. With hanging ferns and vines, the Gazebo scene is bohemian garden party meets Alice in Wonderland, with semi-al fresco tables spilling out onto the streetside terrace, where you can get stuck into classic and house cocktails like the summertime favourites: jugs of Pimms and sangria. The food isn't anything to write home about, but it's reasonably good value and with a garden party atmosphere that will win you over; it's never stale, with regular art exhibitions and events like wine- or cheese-tasting.

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