• Madame Fling Flong

  • Madame Fling Flong is undoubtedly one of the most outlandish bars in Sydney. The gaudy pink walls and mismatched vintage furniture assault the eyes and a potent cocktail list assaults the tastebuds. It's very 'Newtown' - a stroll along King Street below should give you a hint as to what that means; packed with cheap Thai restaurants, thrift stores and pubs, the area attracts university students, performance artists and the alternative. It's hugely popular spot for a casual mid-week drink, especially on the legendary Tuesday night movie nights. Madame Fling Flong favours cult flicks and the price ($20) includes a glass of wine or beer and mezze from Soni's Tapas (same owners), which serves up a decent tapas menu should all the kookiness have worked up an appetite.

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